Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 28, 2012

Aquatic Park 10/28/12

I went birding at Aquatic Park in Berkeley today as I had not been there for a while. Most abundant were Dowitcher’s (probably short billed), Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets, Double-crested Cormorants, Pied-billed Grebes, and Coots.   I saw or heard 23 birds that I could identify.  The tern I saw was most likely a Forster’s but was moving to quick for me to be sure. I also think I heard a Kingfisher, but didn’t get a good look to confirm so I left it off my list. Also there were a few more birds that I heard but didn’t see or identify that were in the trees.To see a list of birds see today go to Aquatic Park Bird list

Here are a few photos that I took with a compact camera today.

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