Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 16, 2012

Eastern Sierra Fall Color 10/15/12

Micheal Frye has an Eastern Sierra Fall Color report on his Landscape Photography blog Here are the highlights:

Over on the eastern side of the Sierra some aspens are turning, but most of the groves near Lee Vining are not yet at peak. Here’s a breakdown:

June Lake Loop: About 20% turning, another 40% lime green, the remaining 40% dark green.

Lee Vining Canyon: The same, about 20% turning, 40% lime green, 40% dark green

Lundy Canyon (along the road up to the trailhead): About 30% turning, 50% lime green, 20% dark green. Most of the best color is in the lower part of the canyon.

Conway Summit: About 30% turning, 40% lime green, 30% dark green.

Above Conway Summit: The aspens in the first half mile of the road to Virginia Lakes are a mix of yellow and lime green. About a mile above Conway Summit there’s a colorful patch of orange but scrubby aspens down in a small valley to the right of the road; that grove was at peak Friday. Further up most of the aspens are bare.

My guess is that all these areas will change quickly over the next week, and the best color overall will be either this weekend or next week.

Go to his post to read more and see a June Lake photo: Autumn Aspens


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