Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 4, 2012

Draconid Meteor Shower Peaks October 7


The Draconid meteor shower will peak on October 7, 2012. The Draconids are best viewed from the Northern Hemisphere. The meteor shower starts shortly after dark however there will be some moonlight as the moon is in the last quarter. This meteor shower usually produces a small number of meteors per hour most years but has been known on rare occasion to have hundreds of meteors in a single hour. Learn more at:  When is the next meteor shower? | Astronomy Essentials | EarthSky.



  1. This is a very interesting site. I have always been fascinated with the stars and planets. Which makes this a wonderful site.


  2. Can you please advise me of the meteor showers in the northeast kingston NY area ? I would greatly appreciate this.


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