Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 1, 2012

Eastern Sierra Fall Color Updates

Here are a couple of new fall color reports from this past weekend.

At the California Nature Photographers forum fall color reports thread

the colors are just starting to get good. I spent Friday afternoon in Bishop Creek and the colors at the higher elevations are pretty nice, but still a little green down lower. Hiked up Lundy Canyon on Saturday and the trees are still pretty green below the trail head, but are starting turn a little higher up. I hiked up McGee Creek yesterday and was surprised how much color there was. It’s still a little green at the trail head, but some really nice color a few miles up the trail. The June Lake Loop is still pretty green. Based on the last few years, it looks to me like peak colors are going to be a week or two early as compared to last year, and like Preston stated, should be at their peak in a week or so. Also, the Owens Valley is gold with Rabbit Brush.

At the Calphoto Yahoo Group

at Silver Lake there is finally some decent color starting to show around the loop. Probably still a week or 2 from peaking. I made the drive to the Bishop Creek area up to South Lake and so far this is the best show from Bishop to Bridgeport. Lot’s of color, but it did seem to fade the higher I went and closer to South Lake. The other side from Intake 2 to Aspendell was not as good. The next best show was the drive to Rockcreek Lake.

California Fall Color reports

Convict Lake is at 15 to 30 % fall color.

All of the above sites continue to have California fall color reports throughout the foliage season.

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