Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 28, 2012

Sonora Pass Fall Color Report 9/28/12

California Nature Photographers has the following fall color report for Sonora Pass in the Sierra Nevada:

On the west side–Oaks at lower elevations between 5-6000 feet are still green. Cottonwood are still mostly green with a few already changing. Aspen above 7,500 are showing some nice color, especially around 8000-8500 feet. Still a bit of green mixed in, but the color is looking good. I would expect the peak to be in a week, plus or minus a couple days, depending on altitude. Some willow in the coldest spot have already lost their leaves, otherwise they are changing nicely

On the East Side of the pass–About the same as for the west side, as far as Aspen and willow are concerned. I didn’t go all the way down to Leavitt Meadows, but I would expect things to be about the same as the west. There are some nice groves in the area of the campground.

If the weather holds, and it doesn’t get really windy, next weekend (10/6 and 7) should be very, very nice.

To follow their fall color report thread go to: Fall Color Reports

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