Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 16, 2012

Sierra Nevada Fall Color Report 9/16/12

California Fall Color posted the following detailed report for Sierra Fall Foliage.  An impressive amount of territory  is covered. Its early in most places but at least one area has peaked.

Rock Creek in Mono County gets to claim it peaked first, as far as one glorious stand of aspen is concerned. Most of Rock Creek would be classified as 0 – 15%, but one stand near the end of the canyon is fully turned in blazing oranges and yellows with a smattering of red to trim the scene.

Yesterday, I drove across the Sierra from the foothills, east on U.S. 50, south on Hwy 89 and east again over Monitor Pass, crossing three Sierra passes. Here’s what I observed.

0 – 15% – U.S. 50 – A few splashes of early yellow on aspen are appearing at 6,000′ and also bracken fern have turned orange-yellow from 2,000′ to 3,000′. Otherwise, most of the color is yet to turn. At lower elevations, Bigleaf Maple are tinged with rust, though the color isn’t appealing.

0-15% – Hwy 89, Hwy 88 – Between U.S. 50 and Hwy 88 (Carson Pass), very few aspen are showing lime or yellow. Still a ways to go. The Sorenson’s Resort on Hwy 88 in the Hope Valley has perhaps 15% of its aspen that have turned yellow, though peak is two to three weeks away. Stay tuned to this report, as that can change quickly.

0 – 15% – Monitor Pass – The groves of aspen atop the pass are still dark green, though some are beginning to lime. Very little yellow is showing. Near the bottom of the east side of Monitor Pass clumps of aspen are liming beautifully.

0 – 15% – Antelope Valley – Coleville and Walker are showing very little color change… a yellow leaf or two on the majestic boulevard of Fremont Cottonwoods in Colevile, nothing showing in Walker.

0 – 15% – Walker River – Still too early. Dark green.

0 – 15% – June Lakes – Very little lime showing, almost no yellow. Give it a couple of weeks.

0 – 15% – Mammoth Lakes – Dark green and a way to go before color shows, though color is to be seen not far away.

15 – 30% – Rock Creek – One glorious stand of aspen have turned blazing orange and yellow with red highlights. Another has blown already. However, they are anomalies, as most of the forest is dark green to early stages of lime. Still lots and lots to see in this beautiful corner of Mono County.

Go to California Fall Color to see all of their reports and  photos.



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