Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 31, 2012

Rare Bird Report

The decline of the Ashy Storm Petrel has led t...

The decline of the Ashy Storm Petrel has led to it being declared an endangered species by the IUCN. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Audublog reported that scientists surveying islands in the California Coastal Monument  (off the Mendocino County coast) have found several breeding sites for the Ashy Storm-Petrel. The Ashy Storm-Petrel is a rare bird and has not been found nesting in this area since 1926.




Their global population may be as few as 5,500 . The Ashy Storm petrel is a candidate for federal endangered protection. The government is expected to decide on its status in the next year.




Read more at:  Audublog ~ Rare California seabird reported breeding off Mendocino Coast for the first time since the 1920s.




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