Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 23, 2012

Washington State Wildflower Bloom – 8/23/12

Updated 8/7/12

Washington Trails Association continues to post many hike reports.  Here are some quotes from ones that mention wildflower bloom

Camano Island State Park — Aug 05, 2012 — Puget Sound and Islands — North Sound

Wildflowers were blooming in the bright sunlight near the beach, and there was a clear view of the Olympics.

Walt Bailey Trail – Bald Mountain — Aug 05, 2012 — North Cascades — Mountain Loop Highway

The meadows were very lush, but I don’t think they’ve reached their flower peak yet.

Iron Goat Trail-Stevens Pass-West — Aug 05, 2012 — Central Cascades — Stevens Pass – West

This hike is nice since there are many natives growing, blooming

Old Man Trail, Cave Hole, By Pass Trial, Fred’s Railroad, Quarry, Wilderness Peak, Wilderness Cliffs – Wilderness Peak Cut Off Tail , Wilderness Cliffs, Coal Creek Falls, Nike Horse Trail — Aug 05, 2012 — Issaquah Alps — Cougar Mountain

there are some low land flowers still in bloom but the creeks are running low or are dry.

Hidden Lake — Aug 05, 2012 –North Cascades

trail starts off in forest, with a few creek crossings, then starts switchbacking steeply up a slope covered in wildflowers.

Cascade Pass and Sahale Arm — Aug 05, 2012 —North Cascades — North Cascades Highway

The snow is all melted out, wildflowers are running amok, marmots and mountain goats are basking in the glory of it all.

Ira Spring Trail – Mason Lake, Mount Defiance — Aug 05, 2012 — Snoqualmie Pass — Snoqualmie Pass

The wildflowers were going crazy on the south slope. Very pretty. The views weren’t bad either. From the top we could see Rainier, Adams, Baker, Glacier, and even downtown Seattle.

Camano Island State Park — Aug 05, 2012 — Puget Sound and Islands — North Sound

Wildflowers were blooming in the bright sunlight near the beach, and there was a clear view of the Olympics.

Fifes Ridge — Aug 05, 2012 — South Cascades — Chinook Pass – Enumclaw or Hwy 410 area

The views on top of the ridge provided a nice view of Fife’s Peaks finally. I had to poke around here for awhile until I found the trail continuing down the other side. It follows the ridge down until it reaches a meadow full of wildflowers where I lost it again briefly

Johnson-Medra Creek — Aug 04, 2012  Snoqualmie Pass — Salmon La Sac/Teanaway

We saw lots of flowers (mentioned in the other trip reports), and 3 grouse, and a raptor of some sort at the pass. Heard lots of song birds, but tough to see them.
I ate a few huckleberries on the way out. There are enough to pick, if you want to spend some time at that.

Rattlesnake Mountain — Aug 04, 2012 — Snoqualmie Pass — North Bend Area

The western part of the trail was lined with bushes with ripening mountain huckleberries and thimbleberries, as well as a variety of summer wildflowers (foxgloves, daisies, etc.)

Evergreen Mountain Lookout — Aug 03, 2012 — Central Cascades — Stevens Pass – West

 Wildflower lovers-this is a perfect time to go..some not yet in bloom so it will be great for another couple of weeks. Right now the lilies, daisys, paintbrush, lupine, everlasting and many more I can’t identify.

Berkeley Park — Aug 03, 2012 —  Mt. Rainier — NE – Sunrise / White River

The wildflowers blooming along the 17 mile Sunrise Road are incredible. It’s a Technicolor drive. And as Hikingqueen predicted in her trip report a week ago, the flowers are in full bloom at Berkeley Park as well. The trail is in great shape with just a couple of sections covered in snow that were easy to navigate without poles. Five reasons to do this hike now? The scent of Lupine filling the air, gorgeous and expansive views the entire 7 miles, lovable Marmots, a good chance of a bear sighting, and, #5, the WILDFLOWERS!

See the many hike reports at Washington Trails Association: Trip Reports

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