Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 12, 2012

Elk Cove (Cascades) Wildflower Bloom Report 8/7/12


Oregon Wildflowers has a new wildflower report for the Vista Trail at Elk Cove in the Northern Oregon Cascades:

Hiked the Vista Trail which is significantly burned over, I believe last year, but still is interesting. Towards the top of the trail the Avalanche lilies started to bloom, and they continued all the way to Elk Cove. A few short snow fields to cross on the Timberline trail, recommend trekker poles. Elk Cove was glorious with more avalanche lilies and western pasque flowers in bloom and in the seed head stage. Lupine, valerian, paintbrush, cinquefoil, etc. Disappointed the pink monkeyflower was not in bloom yet. Where can I photograph this species this year without hiking back 4.5 miles?

See all the Oregon Wildflowers Report:


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