Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 7, 2012

Lassen National Park Wildflower Report 8/4-5/12

Calphoto had the following wildflower report for Lassen National Park

Here are observations from the Brokeoff Mountain trail, Bumpass Hell trail, and just driving through the park.

–Not much left (except for mint) below about 7,000′. A few wildflowers still in decent shape at the beginning of the Brokeoff trail: tiger lilies, bleeding hearts, a lone delphinium, couple others.

–Fields of mint from the beginning of the trail to the top of Brokeoff; definitely the most abundant wildflower in that area.

–First really nice display was a lovely meadow at ~7200′: lots of corn lilies, mint, paintbrush, and some yellow asteraceae type deal.

–Above ~8000 is where most stuff is still in its prime. Several nice fields of Shasta lupine.

–Closer to the summit, lots of rock fringe, cycladenia, cobwebby paintbrush, sulphur buckwheat, dwarf thistle.

–Along the road there are a couple of spectacular fields of Shasta lupine (above & below the S-curve above Little Hot Springs Valley), but unfortunately no pullouts in the vicinity.

–Some very nice lupine fields along the trail to Bumpass Hell.

–Nice mixed display at the meadow southwest of Reading Peak (7600′): paintbrush, corn lilies, Lewis’ monkeyflower, yellow asteraceae, etc.

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