Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 3, 2012

Washington State Wildflower Reports – Updated 8/3/12

Updated 8/3/12

Washington Trails Association has  recent postings for wildflower bloom as well as reports on may hikes throughout the state. Here are a few excerpts from wildflower updates:

Klahhane Ridge, Sunrise Ridge — Aug 02, 2012 — Olympics — North
The wildflowers saved the day! ….. We walked a couple of miles toward Klahhane Ridge and admired the wildflowers instead. The display is truly magnificent right now. An added benefit is that there were relatively few people around.
Plains of Abraham Loop — Aug 02, 2012 — South Cascades — Mt. St. Helens
We hiked from Windy Ridge on a sunny day out the road to the trailhead The trail was amazing, huge views of Adam’s, St. Helens, Rainier, and Hood, and field after field of flowers.

Crystal Lakes — Aug 01, 2012 —Mt. Rainier — NE – Sunrise / White River

The wildflowers are beautiful; lots of lupine, monkeyflowers and paintbrush. And the views of the surrounding peaks and rocky outcrops are stunning.

PCT- Harts Pass to Holman Pass — Aug 01, 2012 Eastern Washington Pasayten

hiked from Harts Pass out to Windy Pass today amid many, many wildflowers. Plenty of lupine and paintbrush but many others, as well. Many wildflowers seemed almost darker in color this year, especially in the lush green grasses.

Kendall Katwalk — Aug 01, 2012 — Snoqualmie Pass

Wildflowers identified: Lupine, thimbleberry, trillium, monkshood, columbine, plox, columbia tiger lily, indian paintbrush, monkey flower, aster, penstemon, common yarrow, bluebell, bleeding heart, queen cup. There were several more types I couldn’t identify.

To read full hiking reports  and list of all reports go to the Washington Trails Association site at:

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