Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 31, 2012

Washington State Wildflower Reports 7/29/12 -updated 7/30/12

Updated with more wildflower reports especially for Mt. Rainier area

Washington Trails Association has many recent postings for the Snoqualmie Pass area reporting wildflower bloom. Here are a few excerpts:

  • Kachess Ridge / Kachess Beacon — Jul 29, 2012 “Lots of flowers out”
  • Mount Defiance — Jul 29, 2012 “lush forest to alpine and sub-alpine meadows…Wildflowers are out: Little White Ones, Little Blue Ones and Little Orange Ones.”
  • Rachel Lake — Jul 29, 2012  “Wildflowers are AMAZING and so are the waterfalls and river views”

Mt. Rainier Wildflower Updates:

  • Palisades Lakes — Jul 29, 2012 “wild flowers will be putting on an amazing show in about two weeks”
  • Summit Lake, Bearhead — Jul 30, 2012 “Hiked a Summit Lake/Bearhead Mountain double feature. Trails were generally in good condition, though we encountered some difficult blowdowns on the way up Bearhead. The trails are generally snow-free, with the exception of some of the minor trails around the Summit Lake basin. Bugs, though present, were minimal.
    There were beautiful wildflowers on both trails. Lots of lilies on the way to Summit Lake. Lots more flowers on the way to Bearhead – lupine, paintbrush, and even blooming heather. I was particularly glad for the wildflowers on the latter – Rainier had clouded up by the time I summited but the flowers alone made that hike worth it!”
  • Paul Peak — Jul 30, 2012 Mt. Rainier was in clouds, but this hike is a very enjoyable walk through the woods. Lots of interesting plants and forest views. We saw no other people during the entire hike. Be warned that it is downhill going in and uphill coming out.

Here are a few other brief wildflower comments from other areas in Washington

  • Olympics East: Tubal Cain — Jul 29, 2012 “Wildflowers galore and at their peak: bright sunshiny arnica, richly indigo larkspur, and lots of tiger lilies, harebells, paintbrush, lupine, aster, columbine, etc.”
  • North Cascades — West Slope: Sauk Mountain — Jul 29, 2012 ” Lots of wildflowers blooming.”
  • South Cascades — Mt. St. Helens: Truman Trail-Pumice Plains — Jul 29, 2012 “TONS of wildflowers across Pumice Plains.”
  • South Cascades — Crystal Mt. Loop –July 30,2012″ Lots of wildflowers on this true alpine meadow hike. Lovely deep cool forests so you aren’t always in the blazing sun. …We heard and saw a pair of marmots, several birds. We saw fish in the lake and heard an animal moaning on the Silver Creek trail. Not sure what kind….bear or elk, maybe.”
  • Central Cascades — Stevens Pass – East:  Poe Mountain — Jul 29, 2012  “Wildflowers are absolutely amazing in the upper meadows right now if you like that sort of thing. You name it, it was blooming full strength.”

To read full hiking reports  and see list of all reports go to the Washington Trails Association site at:

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