Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 20, 2012

Rocky Mt. Wildflower Updates


The Rocky Mt. forum at Nature Photographers has a very active wildflower post.  Here are a few of the most recent reports:

Crested Butte: The flowers are there, just not in any of the usual lower elevation spots. Hike up from Schofield Park to West Maroon Pass, the best display is under the pass near the trail junction from Frigid Air Pass. There are a few patches around emerald lake as well. I found absolutely nothing at lower elevations around Crested Butte. Flowers are basically above tree-line. Fravert Basin has a nice display and the ridge above Snowmass Lake as well. 7/19/12

Steamboat Springs area late last week and wildflowers were pretty sparse. Not many of them blooming around the normal hotspots around Dumont Lake and Rabbit Ears Pass, the few examples of paintbrush and penstemon that were there were drying up pretty fast. Dumont Lake also has hardly any water in it. Conditions for flowers weren’t much better on the other side of town under Sleeping Giant and along Elk River, though there are plenty of opportunities for other landscapes with rolling hills and cool old barns out there. There were some flowers in the shaded areas north of town, just don’t expect to find the sweeping views of hillsides full of flowers that have been available in the past. Maybe next year! 7/19/12

Blue lakes and wow were we gifted with amazing conditions, best time of my life. There are no flowers along the ridges that are typically photographed above the first lake, looks just like YBB as you would expect, there are some flowers around the second lake to work into a comp, there are very nice fields of paintbrush mixed with many other flowers above the third lake at the bottom of the switchbacks 7/17/12

 Stony Pass  At the 4.8 – 5.0 mile mark on the left was very good…about what I saw 2 years ago. Very few columbine but loads of paintbrush and some lupine and others that I don’t know names of. 7/17/12

To see all the reports go to: Wildflower Reports 2012

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