Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 4, 2012

Yosemite Updates

Pete Devine’s Yosemite Nature Notes has a new post about flowers, birds and waterfalls at Yosemite:

“The Merced River flows at just over 100 cfs in the Valley – normal for this date is over 600 cfs; a dry winter makes a dry summer and Yosemite Falls is a dwindling presence.
I was up at Summit Meadow along the Glacier Point Road this morning and had that pretty part of the park to myself for a while. Shooting stars, bistort and Bigelow’s sneezeweed (yes, that’s a fun name to say) are profuse now. Yellow-rumped warbler, Steller’s jay, and a Townsend’s solitaire added an aural dimension, but the voice of the hermit thrush coming from the dark fir forest is like nothing else in the Sierra.”

Read all his posts at:

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