Posted by: Sandy Steinman | June 26, 2012

Sierra Crest Wildflower Report

There is a detailed report at the Calphoto discussion group on wildflowers along the central Sierra Nevada crest.  Here is an excerpt:

Along SR4 on our drive out, meadows at Bear Valley about 7k were very green. Alpine Lake reservoir at 7.4k had good numbers of wildflowers at peak. Most wildflower species at the pass were however about 2 to 3 weeks away from peaking so the July 4 period ought to look nice. About the Sierra Crest areas at Ebbetts Pass, sunniest south facing exposures are peaking now while the shadiest forest wet meadows may be 4 weeks away. Yellow hued mule ears are always the most abundant species in our Sierra volcanic landscapes. I saw many mule ears with small leaves poking out of the ground.

Read the full report at: calphoto : Message: central Sierra Crest wildflower report. and see photo at:


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  2. Hi, thanks for the blog. We hiked Carson Pass to Winnemucca Lake yesterday, and the wildflowers are decent, but some still have a week or two to go. Mule’s Ears are mostly green, and most of the plants in the shady foresty areas are not bloomed yet. There are some decent displays on the runoff creeks between Frog and Winnemucca Lakes. It may not be a banner year though… I found some advice from you buried deep within a past entry in a comment to another poster about hiking above Winnemucca to find White Heather and Primrose. Thanks for that, I never would have found these really pretty ones w/o that help!


    • Thanks for your comments and the report on Carson Pass/Frog Lake/Winnemucca Lake.


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