Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 30, 2012

Abbotts Lagoon Wildflower Bloom Update 5/30/12

Calphoto has a new wildflower bloom report for Abbotts Lagoon (one of my personal favorites for all year round botanical and birding interest) and Tomales Point Trail at Point Reyes National Seashore:

The highlight for me were a number of Cobwebby Thistles
(Cirsium occidentale). While I only saw one in bloom, there were many ready to

Lots of bush lupine in full bloom along with miniature and bicolor lupine near
the last bridge. The yellow poppies were at peak or just covered in grasses. Of
course there were a number of other wildflowers varieties along the way, Cow
Parsnip, Yarrow, Hemlock, Checkerbloom (not as much as I had hoped), Sand
Verbena, Beach Dandelion, etc.

I also got to see my first Bittern near the trailhead. No photo, but a very
good view of it flying in front of me.

I also took a trip out on Tomales Point Trail and enjoyed the colorful
combinations of the Yellow Bush Lupine and Johnny Tucks.

Read all the Calphoto reports at: 

If you go to Abbotts Lagoon, it is also walking out to the end of trail at nearby Kehoe Beach as there are often good displays there. See my earlier post: Point Reyes Wildflower and Bird Report 5/7/12 (

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