Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 22, 2012

Wide-Angle Close-ups With A Compact Camera

Close-up  Flower Photography With A Compact Camera: The Good and the Bad

Yesterday I “focused on doing close-up flower photography with a compact camera. I used both Aperture Priority and the Macro Programmed Setting on the camera. Of course everything I mention here applies to non-flower close-up photography as well.

The Bad is:

  • often can only shoot macro/close-ups at wide-angle too much background may show up in photo
  • compact cameras rarely have manual focus controls that are very important in close-up photography
  • sometimes tends to overexpose photo (check for blinkies)
  • the smaller pixels may limit the quality of what you can do in the digital dark room
The Good:
  • it encourages you to take advantage of the creative distortion that wide-angle photography creates (the greater the wide-angle and the less parallel the camera is to the subject the greater the distortion)
  • can often get very close to the flower; some camera allow you to literally have the lens touching a flower
  • they are small and you can always have them with you
  • the macro program setting simplifies things especially for a beginner
Here are a few of my better results. Photos taken at the Regional Parks Botanic Garden in Tilden Park in Berkeley, CA. Any comments or suggestions about close-up photography with compact cameras welcomed.

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