Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 26, 2012

Antelope Valley Wildflower Bloom Update 4/25/12

Antelope Valley Latest Poppy Reserve Research Field Notes and Observations posted the following wildflower report for 4/25/12 by Mary Wilson

Lightning Bolt Trail – Lupine is still in bloom and forming seedpods.  Mustard is in bloom and the few goldfields are dropping their petals.  Bunches grasses are green and forming seeds.  There are a lot of the wishbone bushes going up the trail.  I stopped counting after 60.  These plants go all the way to the top of Kitanemuk Vista point.  All have the buds forming and a few have started to bloom toward the top of the hill.  This should be really beautiful in a week or two.  Beavertail cacti are just starting to get their magenta flowers. At the Kitanemuk point the lacy phacelia still has a few blooms but have mostly gone to seed.  The Acton Encelia has buds and a few bushes have flowers.  Starting to see desert straw plants coming up.  A few of the California buckwheat are starting their clusters of white flowers.  There are very few poppies on this trail.

Tehachapi Vista Point Trail – by the Turner/Ruffner benches and looking to the northwest there are fields of poppies.  These are on the west side of the 160th Street West dirt road on the south border of the Reserve.

The Reserve received over an inch of rain on April 13th.  Did see a few new grasses but no new filaree.  No poppy cots.  Unfortunately there are new tumbleweeds coming up.

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