Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 16, 2012

Texas Also Having Early Wildflower Season

There are also many reports of  Bluebonnets on the Texas Wildflower Sightings site this past week.

Gary Regner Photography has published the following wildflower bloom reports the last week

March 14, 2012 – South Central Texas Update
Wildflowers are putting on a good show in south central Texas.
US 183 south of Luling near Palmetto State Park – good areas of bluebonnets, phlox, bladderpod and toadflax. Bluebonnets probably 1-2 weeks from peak. Rating 3.
TX 123 south of Seguin – nice bladderpod, phlox. Rating 2-3.
1604 near Elmendorf – good magenta phlox, groundsel and bluebonnets. Rating 3.
1604 near Somerset – good magenta phlox, bladderpod, groundsel, bluebonnets and paintbrush. Rating 3.
IH 35 near Lytle, Natalia, Devine – good bluebonnets, phlox, bladderpod. Some areas nearly as good as 2010. Rating 4.
New Berlin, Church Rd – some wildflowers this year but only about 20% of what was seen in 2010. Rating 2.

March 11, 2012 – Annual Wildflowers
Spring wildflowers continue to bloom earlier this year because of a mild winter. Trees such as mountain laurels, redbud, Mexican plum and other blooming trees now in full bloom in central Texas. Reports of bluebonnets blooming along roadways are coming in from all over central and south Texas (Austin, San Antonio, and Houston). Phlox and bladderpod are reportedly blooming south and east of San Antonio in the area of Luling, Stockdale and Gonzales. Reports are also coming in of early bluebonnets in the Hill Country around Llano. Look for the peak of bluebonnets this year to be about 2 weeks earlier than typical years.

His website page Wildflower Report is a good source for Texas wildflower bloom updates.  He also has a photographic Wildflower Index for Texas wildflowers.


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