Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 13, 2012

Table Mountain Detailed Wildflower Report

Joe Willis, the Black Oak Naturalist, just posted four reports on the wildflower bloom at Table Mt. He found about 30 species in bloom. Here are some of the wildflowers he saw in bloom:

Fiddleneck Wild onions,, Dwarf Plantain, Douglas Violet, Bitterroot, Blue Dicks, Sky Lupine,  Stickseed,  Popcorn Flower, Spreading Larkspur,  Kellogg’s Monkeyflower,  Lowland Shooting Star,  Butter and Eggs, Table Mountain Meadow Foam, Bird’s Eye Gilia, Buttercups, Owl-clover, the Purple Owl-clover, Valley Tassels, Fremont’s Goldfields,

Here are links to his four posts which include photos and more information about the flowers and Table Mountain:

Joe Willis predicts:

“Judging from what we saw last Saturday and the predicted wet weather for the coming week, I think the last week of March and the first couple of weeks in April should be great wildflower viewing on Table Mountain.  However, don’t forget there are lots of points of interest in Table Mountain besides flowers.”

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