Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 1, 2012

New Window Tape Can Save Bird Lives

The American Bird Conservancy reports:

” A new, translucent adhesive tape that tests show can significantly reduce bird collisions with glass windows and doors is now available to the public…Birds can’t see glass and don’t understand the architectural cues, such as window frames, mullions, and handles, that alert people to the hazard. Experts estimate that up to one billion birds may die each year from resulting collisions. “

Read article and learn what you can do at American Bird Conservancy New Window Tape Can Significantly Reduce Bird Collisions at Homes


  1. When I was a toddler of four and five, we lived in a house that had windows around the top of the walls in the living room. Birds were always flying into those windows and knocking themselves out, sometimes to the point of death. It was so sad, but it did get me interested in birds for the rest of my life.


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