Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 28, 2012

Henry Coe Wildflower Update 2/27/12 -updated

Update: The original Henry Coe wildflower link has been disabled.  There is a new link that has been put in by the Pine Ridge Association that now links to wildflowers currently in bloom at Henry Coe.

Henry Coe State Park has just published a new wildflower report (2/27/12) on the current wildflower bloom.  Currently in bloom are Common Fiddleneck, Scarlet Pimpernel, Bigberry Manzanita, Milkmaids,Western Hound’s Tongue, Lowland Shooting Star, Woodland  Shooting Star, Red-stemmed Filaree, California Poppy, Pacific Pea, White Baby Blue-eyes, Oso Berry, Indian Warrior, Popcorn Flower California Buttercup, Hillside Gooseberry, Fushia-flowered Gooseberry, Common Checkerbloom, Purple Sand Spurry, Common Chickweed, Persian Speedwell and Johnny-Jump-Up.  See photos of what is in bloom at


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