Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 16, 2012

Northern Wheatears’ Record Migrations

Oenanthe oenanthe English: A Northern Wheatear...

Northern Wheatear-Image via Wikipedia

BBC Nature reported on the record-breaking migration of the Northern Wheatear.  The 25 gram bird breeds in the eastern Canadian Arctic, Greenland, Eurasia and Alaska. Until this study, which was published in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters, it was not known where the birds wintered.  By monitoring miniature tracking devices attached to the birds researchers learned that the Northern Wheatears spent winters in sub-Saharan Africa. Some birds migrated over 18,000 miles (9000 miles each way), which is one of the largest migrations of a songbird.  Read more at BBC Nature Tiny songbird northern wheatear traverses the world.


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