Posted by: Sandy Steinman | January 31, 2012

Conservation Photography Workshops At Cal Academy

Cal Academy has a series of three conservation workshops on its spring schedule.  Conservation photography helps save natural habitats through education and increased public awareness.

Focused on Conservation

Gary Sharlow, Photographer, Education Manager

Sunday, February 05th 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Whether it’s through a collaborative effort that involves photographers, scientists and non-profit organizations or individual exploration of the natural world with just you and your camera, there are many opportunities to get involved with conservation efforts for your favorite habitats, wild sanctuaries or most beloved wild animals. Join photographer Gary Sharlow as he presents a variety of tools, websites, organizations and ideas for turning your lens towards conservation. Whether you prefer to shoot with a DSLR, a point and shoot pocket camera or your iPhone, there are ways for each and every one of you to get involved.

Adobe Lightroom Techniques & Nik Software Plugins

Gary Sharlow
Education Manager, Photographer

Sunday, March 11th 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Unlock the power of Adobe Lightroom with some of the most versatile plugins available. This workshop is appropriate to all levels and will show you how to make your photos really pop. Conservation photography is a vision of photography that has a long history with a new purpose. A conservation photographer’s work begins once they click the shutter. It’s what you do with these images that matters as it takes you into the active role of affecting conservation for the natural world.

Botany at the Academy

Gary Sharlow
Education Manager, Photographer

Sunday, April 1st 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Join us for a workshop that will focus on the story telling methods of conservation photography, botany in, on and around the Academy, as well as the digital darkroom. The day will be broken into two parts with the first part to take place in a classroom environment where we will touch on digital workflow, choice of format and storytelling techniques. During the second part, we will visit the rainforest, the Living Roof, and the Academy grounds. The emphasis of this workshop will be on the process of storytelling.

For more information go to

Members: $40, Adults: $50 ~ For ages 18+ Space is limited. To reserve a place today, buy a ticket online or over the phone at 415-379-8000


  1. I guess $50 is the new $10. I’d love to go this Sunday, but not for $50. The Academy of Sciences is a pricey undertaking.


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