Posted by: Sandy Steinman | December 22, 2011

Rare Bird Sighting: Blackthroat Found In China

Science Daily reports Chinese and Swedish researchers have rediscovered the breeding ground of the rarely seen Blackthroat (Luscinia obscura). It is also known as Black-throated Robin or Black-throated Blue Robin. Seven males were found singing in Foping and seven more in the Changqing National Reserve.  This almost equals the total number of birds observed since the species was first identified  in the late 19th century.The birds are found on mountain slopes around 2500 meters in bamboo sections of open coniferous-broadleaf forest. The male Blackthroat looks somewhat like a European Robin with a black throat and breast.

To see a photos, hear an audio file and read more go to Science Daily Sensational bird discovery in China.

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