Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 23, 2011

Deadly Bird Disease Now In Europe

Trichomonosis, which has killed birds in the UK, has spread to Finland, Norway and Sweden.  It is caused by a parasite, trichomonas gallinae, and was associated with doves and pigeons.  It crossed species and has infected  other birds since 2005.  Trichomoniasis makes the birds throats swell up so that they can’t breathe properly, or eat, so they starve to death. It correlates with populations declines in the UK of 35% for Greenfinches and 7% for  Chaffinches. It has also effected House Sparrows and Yellowhammers.

Read more at Bird disease spreads from UK to Europe
BBC News Deadly bird disease trichomonosis ‘spreads to Europe’.

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