Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 4, 2011

Point Reyes Wildflower Update

Wildflower Report for Chimney Rock and Lighthouse Areas

After a quick breakfast at the Bovine Bakery in Point Reyes Station,  the day was spent mainly looking at wildflowers.  Arriving at the Chimney Rock parking lot on a Friday at 9AM there were no other cars to be seen.   Chimney Rock has scenic cliffs going into the ocean that make nice landscape photos.   I walked the main trail out to the point taking including most of the side trails as well as walking down to the boathouse and elephant seal overlook.  Although there are no large displays many flowers are now in bloom.   The trail out to the point at Chimney Rock revealed over thirty native wildflower species in bloom.  Some of  the most flowery areas are right near the parking lot and the left fork of the main trail just before the point.  Some of the more abundant flowers were very nice specimens of Footsteps of Spring, Douglas Iris, Wallflower, the white form of Baby-blue-eyes, Checkerbloom, Field Chickweed or Spring Snow, and  California Buttercup.  There were Elephant Seals and  Mule Deer in the Chimney Rock area

After leaving Chimney Rock if you make a left when you go to the main road on your right are some nice specimens of  Seep Monkey flower.  Continuing to the Lighthouse there is a good wildflower area on the hillside area behind the bathrooms at Lighthouse parking lot.  I found fifteen native species in this small area. There was also a wiry  bright orange lichen on the rocks called Teloschistes flavicans. I didn’t get a photo of the lichen but did find a picture at Wikimedia Commons that I have included in the slideshow.

Although I was focused on flowers, in the course of the day I did see a number of birds including Turkey Vulture, Raven, Red Tail and other Hawks, Crow, Brewers Blackbird, Red Winged Black-bird, California Quail, Song Sparrow, White-crowned Sparrow, Gulls, Surf Scoter, two species of Cormorants, Bufflehead.

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To see today’s plant lists click on Read More

Chimney Rock Plant list for Flowers in Bloom 3/4/11

  • Amsinckia spectabilis                                                                 Seaside Fiddle-neck
  • Arabis blepharophylla                                                                Pink Rock-cress
  • Armeria maritima                                                                        Thrift, Sea-pink
  • Calandrinia ciliata var. menziesii                                           Red-maids
  • Camissonia ovata                                                                         Sun-cups
  • Cardamine californica var. integrifolia                                  Milkmaids
  • Castilleja wightii                                                                           Wight’s Paintbrush (pale yellow)
  • Castilleja subinclusa ssp. franciscana                                    Franciscan Paintbrush (red)
  • Ceanothus thyrsiflorus var. repens                                           Blue-blossom
  • Cerastium arvense                                                                         Spring-snow
  • Claytonia perfoliata                                                                      Miners’ Lettuce
  • Erigeron glaucus                                                                            Seaside Daisy
  • Erysimum menziesii ssp. concinnum                                      Wallflower
  • Eschscholzia californica                                                             CaliforniaPoppy
  • Fragaria chiloensis                                                                       Beach Strawberry
  • Fragaria vesca                                                                                 Wild Strawberry
  • Grindelia stricta                                                                              Prostrate Gumplant
  • Heracleum lanatum                                                                       Cow Parsnip
  • Iris douglasiana                                                                              Douglas’ Iris
  • Lasthenia californica ssp,. californica                                     Goldfields
  • Lomatium dasycarpum                                                                  Hog-fennel
  • Lupinus nanus                                                                                 Sky Lupine
  • Marah fabaceus                                                                               Man- root, Wild Cucumber
  • Mimulus guttatus                                                                             Seep Monkey-flower
  • Nemophila menziesii var. atomaria                                           White Baby-blue-eyes
  • Oxalis albicans var. pilosa                                                            Yellow Oxalis
  • Ranunculus californicus                                                                 California Buttercup
  • Rubus ursinus                                                                                    Native Blackberry
  • Sanicula arctopoides                                                                        Footsteps-of-Spring
  • Sidalcea malviflora                                                                           Checkerbloom
  • Triphysaria eriantha var. rosea                                                     Pelican Flower, Johnny Tuck
  • Viola adunca                                                                                       Blue-purple Violet
  • Wyethia angustifolia                                                                        Mule’s Ears

A pink and a purple pea or vetch possibly the following two as they are on a Chimney Rock plant list :

  • Vicia americana                                                                                    American Vetch
  • Lathyrus vestitus                                                                                   Wild Sweet-pea

Lighthouse Area Plant list for Flowers in Bloom 3/4/11

(hillside area behind bathrooms at Lighthouse parking lot)

  • Wall flower
  • Coast Phacelia   (Phacelia californica)
  • Baby Blue-eyes  (mostly white form, a few bluer)
  • California Buttercup
  • Douglas Iris
  • Goldfields
  • Red Maids
  • Spring Snow
  • Native Blackberry
  • Footsteps-of-Spring
  • Pink Rock-cress
  • California Poppy
  • Seaside Fiddle-neck
  • Miners Lettice
  • Manroot,Wild Cucumber

(for scientific names check Chimney Rock list above)



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