Posted by: Sandy Steinman | November 24, 2010

2010 Underwater Photography Winners

French Angelfish, Andrew Dawson Wildlife Photo...

Image via Wikipedia

The winners are in for best underwater photography for 2010.  The competition included Photographers from all over the world.  Winners came from over eleven countries and over $35,000 in prizes were awarded.

Categories of Awards included:

  • Compact Cameras(taken by point ‘n shoot, non-SLR digital cameras)
  • Divers(Best image featuring a scuba diver underwater)
  • Animal Portrait(underwater image featuring a portrait of an animal)
  • Animal Behavior(underwater image featuring animal behavior}
  • Reefscapes (underwater image featuring a wide-angle view of a reef)
  • Environment and Conservation (Subject matter must address a marine or lake-related environmental issue.)
  • Indonesia Residents (Open to Indonesian residents only)

To see the article about the competition and photos go to:  4TH ANNUAL DEEP INDONESIA INTERNATIONAL UNDERWATER PHOTO COMPETITION

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