Posted by: Sandy Steinman | November 21, 2010

Efforts to Double Tiger Population

The Amur Tiger's natural habitat is confined t...

The Amur Tiger's natural habitat is confined to the Russian Far East. Image via Wikipedia

Updated November 24, 2010

 BBC Article:

Summit agrees tiger recovery plan

The thirteen countries participating in the conference have agreed upon a plan to protect tiger habitats, address poaching, illegal trade and providing the funding to enact the plan.

Tiger Summit: Can Politicians Save the Tigers?

Politicians and Wildlife experts from thirteen countries are meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia. They are expected to  approve  plans that will double the tiger population by 2022, which is the next Year of the Tiger.   A century ago there were  100,000 tigers.  It is estimated that the current wild tiger population is 3,200 which is a 40 percent decline over the last decade. Five prime ministers including Vladimir Putin of Russia, who is hosting the conference, and Wen Jiabao of China are scheduled to attend. To read more go to Tiger Summit 2010, BBC article Tiger Summit Aims to Double Numbers, and S.F. Examiner article International ‘tiger summit’ in Russia considers plans for saving big cats

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  2. […] Tiger summit: Can politicans save the tigers? […]


  3. If the pledged money is used the right way, I’m sure we can save these gorgeous animals. Save the tigers!


  4. Hi Sandy. Thought you might like these tiger posts from a blogger in India:


    • Thanks for the info. They had some impressive Tiger photos.


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