Posted by: Sandy Steinman | November 20, 2010

Jepson Classes for 2011 Announced

One of the missions of the Jepson Herbarium is to offer educational opportunities for interested amateur and professional botanists through its workshop program.  I have taken a number of classes through Jepson and have found them to usually be of high quality and taught by knowledgeable instructors.  The programs are described as :

Basic Botany classes for people  with little or no botanical background.

Workshop classes: Designed for botanists, ecologists, conservationists, educators, interested amateurs, biological consultants, and federal and state agency employees. The content of these workshops is technical and the level of instruction will assume that participants have a general understanding of the subject material.

For detailed descriptions of the classes and registration go to:
Classes often fill so early registration is advised.  Click read more below to see a list of this year’s classes.

Phylogeny, Taxonomy, and Name Changes in the California Flora  February 12

Plants that Hunt: Carnivorous Plants and the Deeds They Do!  February 26

Lichens and Soil Crusts of the Eastern Mojave  March 3–6

A Crash Course in Definitions and Methods for Identifying and Delineating California Wetlands  March 11–13

Fifty Plant Families in the Field  March 26–27 and April 2–3 (two consecutive weekends)

From Sea to Summit: Plants and Communities of San Diego County  March 31–April 3

Fifty-one Families in the Field  April 2–3 and 9–10 (two consecutive weekends)

A Crash Course in Flowering Plant Families  Two separate workshops: April 7–8 or April 9-10

Fifty Plant Families in the Field—in Monterey  April 28–May 1

Flora of the Santa Cruz Sandhills  May 6–8

Poaceae  May 14–15

Mimulus  May 20–22

From All Angles: Standardized Photography for Plant Identification  May 21–22

Asteraceae  May 27–29

Rare Flora of the Panamint Mountains  July 7–10

Flora and Ecology of the Klamath Mountains Enriched Conifer Forests  July 14–17

Potentilla, Past and Present (Rosaceae: tribe Potentilleae)  July 15–17

Flora of the Warner Mountains  July 28–31

Introduction to Plant Morphology  July 30–31

Insect-induced Plant Galls of California  September 28

Aquatic Plants  course date to be announced

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