Posted by: Sandy Steinman | November 19, 2010

Tejon Ranch Conservation Easement

Overlooking the eastern half of Tejon Ranch fr...

Overlooking the eastern half of Tejon Ranch-Image via Wikipedia

The L.A. Times reported that California Wildlife Conservation Board purchased  conservation easements on 62,000 acres of the Tejon Ranch.  This is the initial stage  of a plan that would protect 240,000 acres of land on the Tejon Ranch.  The 15.8 million dollar grant will be used by the Tejon Ranch conservancy to manage this ecologically rich and diverse wildland.  It is a prime bird and wildflower area.

Although the Tejon Ranch company has agreed to have 178,000 acres under conservation easements, it is dependent upon approval of the developments elsewhere on the ranch.  There is disagreement about this arrangement among conservation groups with supporting the development as a worthwhile tradeoff and others feeling all development should be opposed.  A judge recently ruled again a lawsuit to stop a 5000 acre gated resort development by Tejon Mountain Village.  The Center for Biological Diversity and other environmental groups argued that the development ignored threats to the California Condor and other environmental impacts.

To read more go to: Conservation easements purchased for massive Tejon Ranch tract and Judge nixes lawsuit over huge Calif. development

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