Posted by: Sandy Steinman | November 8, 2010

Fall Color is Peaking in Southern California, Yosemite Valley and Plumas County

Updated 11/9/10

California Fall Color reports fall color is peaking in Oak Glen, Big Bear and Julian in southern California.  A report added on Tuesday Evening described peak foliage especially the aspens at Indian Creek in Plumas County.

In the Moment: A Landscape Photography Blog – Michael Frye reports that Yosemite Valley fall foliage has finally peaked.

Check both of the above sites for more details.

Some wine country fall color notes from today’s drive through parts of wine country .   The route up was along Arnold Road which was a patchwork of grape leaf color.  Vineyards were combinations of  green, yellow and brown.
The return route  was along scenic and twisty Trinity Road and Mt. Veeder Rd. in Napa County.   The  displays drive here were more interesting.  There were big leaf maples that were starting to show significant amounts of yellow and the vineyards were also yellowing up nicely.

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  1. THE best site I have found for Eastern Sierra Nevada fall color reports is:

    Dave Henry of the Sacramento Bee makes a weekly trip up and down 395 every weekend during the fall to check each of the sites he lists and then puts them on an the interactive map on this page.

    It is an amazing effort that is VERY helpful.


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