Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 28, 2010

Fall Foliage Updates 9/27/10

Autumn Scene in Algonquin Park.

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Fall Color in California reports Rock Creek and Lake Sabrina are the places to go in the Eastern Sierra

Top Ten Places in the Hudson Valley for Fall Foliage locations to look for foliage in the New York Hudson Valley area

Top picks in Central Pennsylvania for fall foliage color in 2010 describes drives and hikes in Central Penn.

Fall Foliage May Fall Flat this Year because of Hot, Dry Summer story on how heat and drought may have a negative impact on fall color in the eastern .

Erie region likely bright spot in Pa. for fall foliage The Bureau of Forestry’s first weekly foliage report for the fall 2010 season, posted last week at Foliage Report New Hampshire Fall Foliage is near peak

Dry conditions bring on early fall colors in Western Massachusetts “The drought did create some early foliage color, but our rangers and arborists seem to think the fall is on track for a very nice foliage season,”

Fall Foliage and Colors Ontario Canada « Ontario Travel News North … fall colors are currently peaking in Ontario, Canada

Wet weather could dull Fall leaf color Iowa ‘s fall foliage will not be as good this year due to summer rains, which has caused leaf disease and leaves to fall off early or not look very good.

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