Posted by: Sandy Steinman | June 18, 2010

Turkish Birds

I have put together a collection of photos of the more colorful birds that were seen on my recent Turkish trip.  These photos all come from google internet searches of photos that are licensed for reuse. The Terek Sandpiper was a new bird for every person in the group including the leaders.  You wouldn’t want to see my  out of focus and miniscule in the far distance bird photos.

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  1. Hello, I am an American living in the Turkish country on the Mediterranean shore. Out my window is a large mulberry tree and I notice a little brown bird with a yello beak like cardinal’s, and I cannot find what it is. Any thoughts? Nice photos.


    • Sorry I am not the knowledgeable about Turkish birds. If you can give me a more detailed description, I could pass it on to friends in Turkey. Little brown birds are generally tough without more information.


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