Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 7, 2010

Best N. California Waterfalls for Hiking and Photography

Updated October 24, 2011

Spring is waterfall season. Waterfalls are a favorite destination of hikers, photographers and  just about everyone.  As the rainy season ends and snow melt starts, waterfalls run at their fullest.  In this posting I have included lists from:

Bay Area Hiker’s Bay Area Best Waterfall Hikes’s of Twenty Best Waterfalls in California

And links to:

Leon Turnbull Photography’s list and information about California waterfalls
Photographing waterfalls by PhotoNaturalist
Yosemite Waterfalls article by Tom Stienstra
10 Favorite Waterfalls Outside Yosemite by Tom Stienstra

Bay Area Hiker’s list of Best Waterfall Hikes in the Bay Area (

North Bay:

East Bay:

Peninsula and South Bay: list of Best Waterfalls in Northern California

#1. Auburn Waterfalls
#2. Yosemite Valley Waterfalls
#3. Kings Canyon National Park Waterfalls
#4. Sequoia National Park Waterfalls
#5. Colfax Waterfalls
#6. Oakhurst Waterfalls
#7. Big Basin Redwoods State Park Waterfalls
#8. Mammoth Lakes Waterfalls
#9. Humboldt Redwoods State Park Waterfalls
#10. Pollock Pines Waterfalls
#11. Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne River Waterfalls
#12. Castle Crags State Park Waterfalls
#13. Nevada City Waterfalls
#14. Spenceville Wildlife and Recreation Area Waterfalls
#15. South Lake Tahoe Waterfalls
#16. Sonora Pass Waterfalls
#17. Whiskeytown Lake Waterfalls
#18. Emigrant Gap Waterfalls
#19. Forest of Nisene Marks Waterfalls
#20. Markleeville Waterfalls

One more. Falls at North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve, Butte County added courtesy of BR Thomas of BRT Insights – WW Kayaking & Hiking

Photographing waterfalls from the PhotoNaturalist

Leon Turnbull Photography’s list and information on California waterfalls:

Yosemite waterfalls see article in S.F. Chronicle  by Tom Stienstra:

10 Favorite Waterfalls Outside Yosemite in the S. F. Chronicle:

Waterfall Lover’s Guide (Northern California), by Matt & Krissi Danielsson guidebook to 300 waterfalls in Northern California

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I added it here and also to a posting from earlier this year. California’s Best Waterfalls for Hiking and Photography.



  2. The great waterfalls of North Table Mountain should definitely be added
    to this list:
    North Table Mountain – Coal Canyon Falls, Butte County, California USA.


  3. […] is an updated and expanded posting of an article I originally posted on May 7, 2010 (Best N. California Waterfalls for Hiking and Photography) The original article only included […]


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