Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 15, 2023

Anderson Valley Wildflower Show April 22 & 23

The Anderson Valley Wildflower show Saturday April 22 and Sunday April 23 at the Fairgrounds in Boonville brings together specimens of over 300 mostly native flowers, grasses and trees collected along the spring meadows, forests and roadways leading through Anderson Valley. Specimens are displayed in family groups and are identified. Plant experts are available to help identify plants that visitors bring in.

Anderson Valley High School students submit artwork and photos with nature themes which are displayed along one wall. Three winners receive $50. Many club propagated locally grown plants are for sale and Larner Seeds will sell Native wildflower seeds. Members of the California Native Plant Society will sell plant books and posters. Plant talks will be given on a variety of topics, such as native bees, oak woodlands and restoring native plants. A raffle helps fund scholarships for an Anderson Valley HS graduate planning a career working with nature. Lunch and snacks are available at our tearoom.
Wildflower Show Nature Talks Schedule
11am: Mary Pat Palmer: Wild Medicinal Plants
�Noon: Jade Paget-Seekins: Native Bees/Pollination
�1pm: Kate Marianchild: Oak Woodlands
2pm: Lee Serrie: Butterflies/Butterfly Food Plants
11am: Jade Paget-Seekins: Plant Identification; 8 Common Families
1pm: Linda MacElwee: Invasive Plant Removal/Native Restoration

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