Posted by: Sandy Steinman | January 3, 2023

East Bay Regional Parks Closed

All East Bay Regional Parks closed Wednesday, January 4, 2023, through Thursday, January 5, 2023, due to Atmospheric River Storm System. The National Weather Service has issued a flood watch and high wind warning for the San Francisco Bay Area with flooding, landslides, and rapidly rising rivers and creeks possible.
Public safety is the Park District’s top priority. Residents should not enter closed parks. Public safety personnel may not be able to respond to emergencies due to road and trail conditions. Anyone entering Regional Parks when closed is subject to citation or arrest for violation of the Park District’s Ordinance 38.
The Park District plans to reopen the majority of parks on Friday, January 6, 2023, after conditions are assessed.
High winds and the saturated ground can cause falling trees and branches, which can cause injury and create safety hazards. When parks are reopened, visitors are encouraged to be mindful of conditions and exercise caution in the parks.


  1. not on the park website, i wonder what was your source


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