Posted by: Sandy Steinman | December 13, 2022

The Five Drivers of Extinction

Defender or Wildlife has an article on the five primary drivers of wildlife extinctions:

  • Overexploitation is a common reason for global species decline; unsustainable harvesting negatively impacts many species, from grizzly bears and gray wolves to right whales and sea otters.
  • Land- and sea-use change leads to the loss of important habitats, exemplified by the disappearance of mangrove forests and sea grass beds due to coastal development.
  • Climate change is altering our environment by shifts in average and extreme temperatures and precipitation.
  • Pollution from pesticides, heavy metals, plastics, noise and light pollution threaten species’ health.
  • Invasive species, non-native organisms (animals or plants) introduced to a new environment, can cause ecological damage and compete with native species for resources.

Read article at  The Five Drivers of Extinction: Invasive Species | Defenders of Wildlife

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