Posted by: Sandy Steinman | November 29, 2022

People in Portland Planted Trees. Decades Later, a Stunning Pattern Emerged

 ScienceAlert reports

In a new study led by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service, researchers found that each tree planted in a community was associated with significant reductions in non-accidental and cardiovascular mortality among humans living nearby

On top of that, the study’s authors conclude the yearly economic benefits of planting trees dramatically exceed the cost of maintaining them, by a factor of more than 1,000.

Previous studies have linked exposure to nature with an array of human health benefits. Access to nature is a major factor for mental health, and that doesn’t necessarily require the greenery to be primeval wilderness. Research shows urban forests and street trees can offer comparable benefits.

Read more at People in Portland Planted Trees. Decades Later, a Stunning Pattern Emerged : ScienceAlert

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