Posted by: Sandy Steinman | November 9, 2022

‘Free-For-All’ Carbon Removals Plan at COP 27 Sidelines Social, Environmental Impacts

The Energy Mix from the Climate News Network reports

An administrative decision on carbon removals, adopted in the dead of night with no community input, is raising alarm with experts attending the COP 27 climate summit in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

In an early and worrying outcome of the two-week conference, the 22-member supervisory body for the carbon trading regime under the Paris agreement adopted a set of “dodgy recommendations” that fail to anticipate negative social and environmental impacts or factor in the rights of Indigenous people, states a post in ECO, the daily COP newsletter produced by Climate Action Network-International.

Read more at  ‘Free-For-All’ Carbon Removals Plan at COP 27 Sidelines Social, Environmental Impacts

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