Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 20, 2022

Supreme Court May Remove Clean Water Safeguards

from Earth Justice

For 50 years, the Clean Water Act has promised protection for the nation’s water. The act safeguards our water supply and has become one of the most successful and effective U.S laws.
Now, its life-saving protections could be stripped away. Emboldened by the new right-wing supermajority in the Supreme Court, polluting industries just asked the nation’s highest court to remove Clean Water Act protections from wetlands, opening them up to development and toxic waste. A decision is expected in early 2023.

At Earthjustice, we understand that all water is connected, and therefore must be protected. We’re ready to fight back, but we rely on dedicated supporters like you. Please, consider making a gift today.
The Clean Water Act laid the groundwork to protect U.S waterways not only from direct threats, but also from upstream pollution that poses accumulating health risks as it flows towards the ecosystems and people living downstream.
But now this law faces a Supreme Court set on diminishing important protections that rein in private industry. On October 3, the court heard oral arguments in Sackett v. EPA, a case in which industrial polluters and private developers seek to limit the range of waters protected under the Clean Water Act. Most concerningly, if industry gets its way, as many as half of all wetlands in the contiguous United States would no longer be protected.
If these 45 million acres of wetlands and other waterways are no longer protected under the Clean Water Act, the harm to water quality, flood control, and wildlife habitat cannot be understated.
Even after 50 years of the Clean Water Act’s protection, about half of this country’s rivers and lakes are too polluted for swimming, fishing, or drinking. We simply cannot afford to lose ground.
We’ve seen this coming, and we’re ready to keep up the fight. With your support, Earthjustice will continue taking polluters to court, continue to mobilize with our vast network of activists, and continue pushing to secure clean air and water as a right for all. Your support makes all our work possible. Please, donate today.


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