Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 19, 2022

What Should I Plant?

With planting season approaching and drought not going away you may have have questions about what to plant in your garden. Calflora has an excellent planting guide

Planting Guide for Gardens and Restoration Sites

Use Calflora’s Planting Guide to determine which native plants would grow well at a specific location. There are so many native plants, but they are not all available commercially, and they are not all going to grow well at a particular planting site. To find plants that will grow at the location you choose, we match plant tolerances with location values for the following factors:

  • Elevation
  • Annual precipitation, minimum and maximum
  • Wet months, minimum and maximum
  • Temperature range, minimum and maximum
  • Accumulated temperature
  • December low temperature
  • July high temperature
  • Growing season, minimum and maximum
  • USDA hardiness zone, minimum and maximum
  • Maximum soil salinity
  • Soil pH, minimum and maximum
  • Soil minimum depth
  • Soil maximum calcium carbonate equivalent
  • The species has been observed growing wild in the containing EPA Level IV Ecoregion
  • The species has been observed growing wild in the county
Here is more on how Calflora’s Planting Guide algorithm works and what these factors mean:

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