Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 21, 2022

 Lyrid Meteor Shower Peaking Tonight

EarthSky reports

When to watch: Late evening April 21 – or late evening April 22 – will be best. Before moonrise! The predicted* peak is 4 UTC on April 22. And the peak of the Lyrids is narrow (no weeks-long stretches of meteor-watching, as with some showers). Unfortunately in 2022, there’s a bright moon in the sky on the peak morning. Note that it’s a waning moon. So – on the night after the peak (late evening April 22 to dawn April 23) – there will be less moon, and so you might try that night, too.

Radiant: Rises before midnight, highest in the sky at dawn. Your best bet for watching the Lyrids in 2022 is to watch in the hour before your local midnight, before the moon rises or gets very high in the sky.

Read more at EarthSky | 2022 Lyrid meteor shower: All you need to know

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