Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 12, 2022

What is the Difference Between Native, Non-native, and Invasive Plants?

Audubon writes about the difference between native, non-native and invasive plants and why it is important to consider planting natives

We break it down for you, and provide some alternatives to plants you might have in your backyard or local box store.

Research shows that native plants can help create a healthier environment, a healthier ecosystem, and support a higher diversity of animals. Native plants can host many more types of insects than non-natives. Take a native oak tree, for example. Researchers have found that native oaks can host over 550 different species of moths or butterflies—especially their larvae. Those caterpillars are vital food sources for birds, especially warblers and other songbirds. In contrast, the non-native gingko tree can only host 5 different species.

Read more at What is the Difference Between Native, Non-native, and Invasive Plants? | Audubon

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