Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 1, 2022

Widlflowers report. Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve.

Daniel reports: I went on Thursday 3/31 and most of the reserve is now drying vegetation (past peak bloom) except for the Poppy Trail North Loop. There are still good spots and fields of poppies outside the park, a patch across the street, along the dirt road on the western fence line, Broad Canyon (W Ave D), & a dirt road along the Power lines between W Ave G & Fairmont Neenach Rd before it turns into Bellbird Pl.


  1. We are planning a short wildflower hike trip for 2-3 days from April 16-18 in the Northern California. We are based in San Jose and don’t have a fixed destination in mind so long as it’s within 3/4 hours of drive. Based on the current conditions, do you have any recommendations regarding peak bloom hotspots during that time?

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  2. I was in the Antelope Valley area on Saturday and yes ,there are poppies but little else. 

    The BEST display was a beautiful field of poppies, phaelia, pincushion, lupine and others all mixed together on Munz Ranch Road, east and south of the Poppy Reserve, at the intersection of Elizabeth Lake Road. I spent 3 hours here working the area, could have stayed longer but the persistent wind was an issue.

    Best display I have seen this year.



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