Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 24, 2022

Job Opening: Horticulturist position at the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden

JOB AVAILABILITY: Horticulturist – Museum Scientist
Brief description:
The scope of this position involves the maintenance and care of the Eastern North American (ENA) and Mediterranean Sections of the garden. The ENA collection contains plants that occur from the Canadian provinces through the gulf states and represent mixed coniferous-deciduous forest communities, meadows, and prairies. These collections are unique, in that there are no other western gardens that have such a diversity of eastern north American plants. The collections are particularly rich in grassland prairie species like Aster. The collection is known for its fall color but also spring flowering dogwoods. A separately maintained Sarracenia collection also falls under these responsibilities.

The Mediterranean Collection is located on the steep eastern edge of the garden and evokes the feeling of climbing rocky slopes surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. This particularly diverse collection contains accessions from the Canary and Micronesian islands and features genera like Aeonium, Echium and Sonchus. The collection also has vistas over San Francisco Bay and a large sculpture called the Water Pavilion.
This position has occasional weekend nursery duties year-round. Other misc. duties as assigned.
Oversight of the Garden’s Eastern North American and Mediterranean collections as stated above, in coordination with the Director of Collections, Supervisor of Horticulture & Grounds, and Curator. This includes the supervision of students and/or volunteers working to assist with various duties. Participate on an as-needed basis with special projects and events. The position requires accurate and up to date documentation of the collection for our database, which stores detailed collection information for inventories, wild collection provenance and labels.
Requirements & Qualifications:
B.S. in Horticulture and/or equivalent experience.
Demonstrable experience in horticulture and landscaping; knowledge, skills, and abilities.
Basic technology and mechanical skills.
Demonstrated ability to work with a diverse population.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Strong organizational skills.
Special Preferred Qualifications:
Experience supervising and/or working closely with a volunteer and/or student pool
Broad knowledge base in Eastern North American and Mediterranean native plant horticulture, ecology, and taxonomy. Rigorous collection documentation/plant records experience highly desirable.
Professional association(s) with related plant organizations, institutions, and individuals.
We offer a diverse working environment, comprehensive benefits, and competitive salaries. Please apply online at, indicating Job Opening ID: 31154
Electronic access to listings can be provided at the Employment Office in University Hall, 2200 University Ave, M-F from 9-4. (510) 643-1011
For more information, contact Anthony Garza, Supervisor of Horticulture & Grounds at the UC Botanical Garden: (510) 643-2401;

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