Posted by: Sandy Steinman | December 24, 2021

Virtual Class: Gardening for the Birds 12/31/21

from Cornell Lab Bird Academy

Growing Wild: Gardening for Birds and Nature- Attracting birds to your to your space: A Brand-New Online Course

There’s nothing more rewarding than attracting birds to your outdoor space and knowing that you’re helping them thrive, but it can be overwhelming to know where to start. We created this course to help you design welcoming spaces for birds and guide you through bird-friendly plant choices. It all starts with seeing things from a bird’s perspective and transforming your space to meet their needs. With the inspiration, know-how, and planning guides in this course, you’ll gain everything you need to start growing wild and greeting new bird visitors.
In This Course You Will:
•Get planning guides that help you deliver what birds need
•Choose plants and natural features that attract birds and other wildlife
•Use Bird Academy’s curated list of bird-friendly plants for your region
•Learn which native plants will thrive in your conditions
Designed for anyone interested in gardening for birds with an outdoor space large or small, this course serves as your friendly guide.

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