Posted by: Sandy Steinman | November 17, 2021

Bay Nature Talks: Living on Public Lands 11/18/21

from Bay Nature: Living on Public Lands
Thursday, November 18th, 4pm

Join us for a conversation about public lands and their increasing role as a refuge for the unhoused during California’s affordable housing crisis. It’s indisputable that more people are living both legally and illegally on public lands and that it’s an issue communities and agencies are already facing. Who is living on public lands? Why are they living there? And what is the impact on the land?

We’ll hear from reporter Sarah Tory who dug into the problem for Bay Nature’s fall cover story; U.S. National Forest sociologist Lee Cerveny whose research shows a growing number of people living on public lands; and Anthony Khalil, a long-time community organizer and ecologist in Bayview Hunters Point, where a new safe parking lot for RVs in the state park at Candlestick Point was approved this fall.

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