Posted by: Sandy Steinman | November 11, 2021

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Updates

The Foothills area of Sequoia National Park will reopen tomorrow, November 11, Veterans Day, at 7 a.m. for day use only. Veterans Day is a fee free day for National Park sites around the nation. Sequoia National Park will reopen from the Three Rivers Ash Mountain Entrance Station to the Hospital Rock Picnic Area, approximately six miles up the Generals Highway. This reopening will include the Foothills Visitor Center, Tunnel Rock, and some area trails. Several Foothills trails and river access points will remain closed due to fire risks and damage. Access to Giant Forest, Lodgepole, and the General Sherman Tree remains closed.
Foothills areas that will remain closed at this time include Potwisha Campground, Buckeye Flat Campground, Marble Falls Trail, Paradise Creek Trail, and the Potwisha-Hospital Rock Trail. The Generals Highway from Hospital Rock through Sequoia National Park will remain closed. The Generals Highway between Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks remains closed.
Visitors can visit giant sequoias in Grant Grove of Kings Canyon National Park, including the second largest tree in the world, the General Grant Tree. Kings Canyon National Park is largely open and can be accessed from the Big Stump Entrance Station on Highway 180. Azalea Campground, Panoramic Point, Big Stump Picnic Area, Kings Canyon Visitor Center and Park Store, and market are also open. Cedar Grove is open, but will close for the season on Monday, November 15.
The parks will continue to work towards reopening other areas and services. Fire recovery efforts are ongoing and include hazard tree removal along roads, buildings, and parking lots, soil stabilization along the Generals Highway, and other infrastructure and wastewater system work that is critical for a safe return of residents and visitors to the area.
For detailed information of what is currently closed and open in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks please visit our website:

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