Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 14, 2021

Leaves are not litter. They are food and shelter for butterflies, moths, beetles, and more

from the Xerces Society

One of the most valuable things you can do to support pollinators and other invertebrates is to provide them with the winter cover they need. Leave the leaves does not mean ignoring them and leaving them where they fell. You can move them to places in your yard where they are out of the way, will not kill your turf, and will still help wildlife. A thin layer of leaves can actually help turf—but too much will kill the grass. Consider raking leaves into areas around trees, or use them as winter mulch for perennials or to cover garden beds.
Read more at: Leaves are not litter. They are food and shelter for butterflies, moths, beetles, and more

Beyond Plants: What Else do Insects Need to Thrive (pre-recorded webinar)
A garden that has an abundance of flowers will support insects—but to maximize the diversity of insects your garden can support, you’ll also need to provide places where they can nest, lay eggs, and shelter. In this recorded presentation, Xerces’ Matthew Shepherd and Jennifer Hopwood talk about how to leave the leaves, save the stems, and other ways to help insects thrive in your backyard. Watch on our YouTube Channel

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